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Based in the heart of Europe, our company is creating premium quality, durable harnesses for dogs and long lasting outdoor apparel for dog owners.

Designed with the comfort and safety of you and your dog in mind, our products can empower your dog to reach new heights.

Currently, we are in the product development phase and our very first line of products will be available in late 2020.

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Based in Hungary,
Built and Sourced in EU

From the Rubik’s cube to the legendary footballer Ferenc Puskás and the adorable dog breed Hungarian Vizsla, Hungary is famous around the world for all that and much more. It is also the land of geniuses and creatives with great potential in terms of quality materials and products.

We are a Hungary based company with products that are built and sourced within various parts of EU. By incorporating talent from within EU into our work, we are able to build a business that is true to our roots.



Our love for dogs began when we were kids but it was only when we bought our Doberman “Bo” in 2016 that we got involved in the quintessential dog owner lifestyle. Bo was meant to be a show dog but we started training him at a local dog school and we were instantly blown away by his talent.

However, we always felt that something important was missing from the equation. Apart from the fact that the training gear I wore to dog school was not my style at all, we also struggled to find a good harness that would be the right anatomical fit for Bo while making him look stylish as well. So, we decided to fulfil our need for comfort and style by inventing our own harness and human apparel to provide maximum comfort to me and Bo during training.

Bo is not only a champion in training, he is an integral part of our family who goes everywhere with us. Our dog has opened up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for us and given us new friendships, hobbies and a whole new lifestyle. He is also the inspiration behind our new canine sport and lifestyle brand.

The happiness of our dog is important to us and our brand is dedicated to sharing this happiness with dogs and dog owners all around the world.

Inspired by the difficulties we and our dog faced, we have created the ultimate product to ensure safety and comfort during outdoor activities, training and in everyday life. Our range of harnesses and human apparel are designed with the utmost care using sustainable materials that are made to last. Now you and your dog can look good, feel good, and train better!

Our first line of products will be available in late 2020 and we would love to have your support in the process. Want to find out more? Head over to our Instagram page now and get all the latest updates on our products.

Sustainability is one of the core values of our business and we believe that it starts with a timeless design and durable materials. By sourcing premium top quality materials from well-renowned companies within EU, we are aspiring to build a sustainable supply chain from the ground up.

We have a strong focus on sustainable production and consciousness of our impact on the environment. Our products do not promote fast fashion and are meticulously sourced, built and designed within EU to encourage environmentally friendly practices.

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